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Package Deals

Shropshire Star Package Deals:

Refill your water bottles with one of our premium water coolers and award winning Wenlock Spring Water....

  1. Bottle Water Cooler Package Deal ...
    Bottle Water Cooler Package Deal ...

    Special Rental Package Deal for our Bottled Water Coolers.

    Fully Refillable Water Bottles

    Flexible Bespoke Options Available 

    From only £1 per day

    Water With The Edge!

  2. Mains Fed Water Cooler Package Deals ...
    Mains Fed Water Cooler Package Deals ...

    Special Package Deal for our Mains Fed Water Coolers.

    Fixed Monthly Rental from only 80 pence per day for unlimited water filling

    Several Models and Designs to Choose From

    We are flexable and Dependable

  3. Hot Water Boiler Packages
    Hot Water Boiler Packages

    All inclusive rental Package Deal for our Hot Water Boilers.

    Only £1 per day plus VAT

    Save Time and Money by ditching the kettle

    Boilers Manufactured in the UK

    Various models and outputs available