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Dragonwell Green Tea x 100 Bags

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Dragon Well is the most famous and popular type of tea in China. It takes its modern name Longjing or Lung Ching (already centuries old) from a water well that was reportedly inhabited and protected by a dragon, according to local lore in Xihu, China. 

It offers a smooth, subtle flavor nuance of apricot and nut with a smooth sweet tasting finish. A mark of exceptional quality. It is one of the best, most unique and intriguing green teas available, and offers a complete array of health benefits.

Novus Dragon Well Green is a natural choice for any time of day, reflecting 3,000 years of chinese tea culture. Dragon Well is hand processed, using the feel of the hand in regulating the fire, kneading and twirling the leaves. The result is a tender and fine dry leaf, worthy of the name "The Cream of Tea". Winners of A Great Taste Gold Award 2012. Infusion and Taste Guide - Pour boiling water onto teas to start the infusion. ?

Infusion Time for English Breakfast Tea is 4 Minutes ? Taste - Clean, Sweet, Apricot Finish ? Colour - Pale Green

Packaging: 100 Tea Bags in a Zip Lock Pouch for freshness and Ease of Use.

Only 25 pence per tea bag.