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We have a full range of accessories for your coffee breaks! From bottles of our Spring water to a luxury Bodum Cafetiere and sugar sachets, for that afternoon boost of energy. Here you’ll also find our coffee beans, we have carefully selected these so you can have barista style and flavour at your office. And last but by no means least, try a Cocoaology Fairtrade Hot Chocolate, it’s a real treat!

  1. In-Cup PG Tips
    In-Cup PG Tips

    Wenlock Watercoolers - PG Tips Tea is in our opinion the finest vending tea in the market.

  2. In-Cup Cappio
    In-Cup Cappio

    Wenlock Watercoolers - Kenco Cappio.This sweet and frothy indulgent cappuccino combines great tasting Kenco Coffee with a light and frothy finish.

  3. Kenco In-Cup Smooth
    Kenco In-Cup Smooth

    Wenlock Watercoolers - Kenco Really Smooth White is Kenco's top selling in-cup coffee. Kenco Really Smooth White is a medium strength coffee which makes it a highly drinkable coffee that can be consumed throughout the day.

  4. Kenco In-Cup Really Rich White
    Kenco In-Cup Really Rich White

    Kenco Really Rich White offers is an essential product for an in-cup customer. Kenco Really Rich Whiteis an intense full strnegth coffee with bags of flavour.

  5. Novus Persian Pomegranate x100 Bags
    Novus Persian Pomegranate x100 Bags

    Wenlock Watercoolers - Capturing the unique flavour of one of the world’s oldest fruits, Persian Pomegranate delivers a succulent and sweet herbal infusion. Pomegranate is a super fruit which is high in antioxidants.

  6. Novus Organic Jasmine Green Tea x 100 bags
    Novus Organic Jasmine Green Tea x 100 bags

    Wenlock Watercoolers - A highly fragrant and deliciously floral Green Tea. For centuries, making Jasmine tea has meant gathering fresh jasmine blossoms in the early morning.

  7. Dragonwell Green Tea x 100 Bags
    Dragonwell Green Tea x 100 Bags

    Wenlock Watercoolers - It is one of the best, most unique and intriguing green teas available, and offers a complete array of health benefits. Novus Dragon Well Green is a natural choice for any time of day, reflecting 3,000 years of chinese tea culture.

  8. Novus Egyptian Mint Tea x 100 Bags
    Novus Egyptian Mint Tea x 100 Bags

    Wenlock Watercoolers - Mint is a hearty caffeine free peppermint tea characterized as refreshing, cooling, and flavorful. Well rounded with no bitter after taste, Egyptian Mint is perfect for cleansing the palate and re-energizing the body after a meal.

  9. London Decaffeinated Coffee Bags
    London Decaffeinated Coffee Bags

    It's just like a teabag, but filled with our rich and expertly sourced coffee, ground to perfection just for you. Ideal at home or on the go, these innovative little bags are your very own filter coffee maker!

  10. London Coffee Bags
    London Coffee Bags

    Wenlock Watercoolers - The London Coffee Bag is the perfect for home, offices and on the go - providing a quality filter coffee made quickly and easierved either in your coffee cup or brewed in a coffee pot.

  11. Flavia Mild Roast Coffee bags
    Flavia Mild Roast Coffee bags

    Wenlock Watercoolers - Made by Alterra Coffee Roasters. 100 Mild Fresh Seal Coffee's to a box.

  12. Cafissimo El Salvador
    Cafissimo El Salvador

    Wenlock Watercoolers - Espresso El Salvador is a well-balanced and tenderly roasted Espresso with a soft body. This Espresso has a harmonious aroma with hints of caramel.

  13. Piacetto Espresso Cafe Crema
    Piacetto Espresso Cafe Crema

    Wenlock Watercoolers - The Combination of the centuries-old tradition of Italian coffee drinking and a passion for the utmost enjoyment is at the heart of the recipe for Piacetto Caffe Creama.

  14. Cafissimo Brazil Beleza Capsules
    Cafissimo Brazil Beleza Capsules

    Wenlock Watercoolers - Tchibo Brazil Espresso - BACK IN STOCK! One of Tchibos new exciting coffee's to complement the Cafissimo range of coffee's.

  15. Cafissimo India Sirisha
    Cafissimo India Sirisha

    Wenlock Watercoolers - This Tchibo India Sirisha Coffee is made with 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta coffee beans.

  16. Cafissimo Caffe Crema Vollmundig Rich Aroma
    Cafissimo Caffe Crema Vollmundig Rich Aroma

    Wenlock Watercoolers - Caffe Crema Vollmundig. Rich Aroma.

  17. Cafissimo Kaffe Mild
    Cafissimo Kaffe Mild

    Wenlock Watercoolers - Cafissimo Fine Aroma Coffee. FILTER COFFEE. 100% Arabican Tchibo Coffee.

  18. Tchibo Cafissimo Variety Box
    Tchibo Cafissimo Variety Box

    Wenlock Watercoolers - Cafissimo Variety Box. Why not try a mixed box of your favourite Tchibo Cafissimo Capsules. Each box contains 8 cartons of 10 coffee's - just let me know what mix you would like us to pack when you place the order!

  19. Cafissimo Capsule Dispenser
    Cafissimo Capsule Dispenser

    Wenlock Watercoolers - This well designed stainess steel rotating capsule stand holds 80 of your favourite coffee's. Soft felt covered rotating base and six selections - what more can you ask for!

  20. Cafissimo Decaffeinated Caffe Crema
    Cafissimo Decaffeinated Caffe Crema

    Wenlock Watercoolers - This coffee has sweet tones of almond with hints of summer fruits that smoothes your pallet. The beans are cafefully selected and roasted to unlock the fine aromatic taste of the mild Caffe Crema.

  21. Cafissimo Espresso Elegant Aroma
    Cafissimo Espresso Elegant Aroma

    Wenlock Watercoolers - This Tchibo Cafissimo Espresso as the name suggests is a good all round coffee - neither too strong or too mild. An expresso with a full aroma and elegant body.

  22. Cafissimo Kaffe Kraftig Intense Aroma
    Cafissimo Kaffe Kraftig Intense Aroma

    Wenlock Watercoolers - This "Kaffe Kraftig" is a strong Tchibo filter coffee with an intense aroma and delicately savory taste.

  23. Cafissimo Espresso Kraftig
    Cafissimo Espresso Kraftig

    Wenlock Watercoolers - Strong Espresso Cafissimo's "Kraftig" Coffee - for those of you who like a big kick from your coffee.

  24. Cafissimo Colombia Caffe Crema
    Cafissimo Colombia Caffe Crema

    Wenlock Watercoolers - This Tchibo Colombia coffee is a full bodied Caffe Crema with a fresh character. Intensity 5.

  25. Cafissimo Caffe Crema Mild
    Cafissimo Caffe Crema Mild

    Wenlock Watercoolers -This Tchibo Cafissimo Caffe Crema Mild Coffee has it all going on and is probably our most popular choice. This coffee has a delicate rich, smooth body with luscious tones of dark chocolate and cocoa rounded off with a sweet raspberry acidity.

  26. Cocoaology Fairtrade Hot Chocolate Powder
    Cocoaology Fairtrade Hot Chocolate Powder

    Wenlock Watercoolers love Cocoaology Fairtrade Hot Chocolate Powder, this rich, creamy soluble hot chocolate drink.