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Environment First Timeline

The Orme family adopted the saying Reduce, Reuse Recycle as it is a natural part of the ethics of the Wenlock Spring brand. The family are farmers and know that the land will only give back if you nourish and take care of it. As Independent business owners, it would have been easy to make compromises on this Ethos - but the family hold true to their beliefs. The family consider themselves custodians of their land in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and recognise that it will be handed down to future generations.

At Wenlock Spring you can be assured the Spring water flows naturally from the origin of the spring, to you, in a sustainable environmentally appreciative approach. Here are just a few of the Environmentally advantageous updates the family have employed and maintained since the company began in 1985.

2018 - One of the first to introduce 50% recycled plastic bottles so we can be assured they are Remade in Great Britain. See our video on the website.

- Blowing plastic bottles on site, reducing amount of transport needed to get empty bottles to Wenlock Spring.

- New machinery enabling our 500ml plastic bottles to be 22% lighter and heat recovery systems to make use of energy from the air compressors.

2017 – Ongoing tree planting.

2016 - Installed the second phase of PU panels, which now combined with Biomass provides 46% of the energy used on site.

2015 - Installing low wattage light bulbs across entire site, to reduce mains consumption, which means our mains usage has decreased now to only 63%.

- New 55% recycled glass bottles.

2014 - Removal of all electric hot water heaters to make more use of biomass boiler. The biomass boiler means that our usage from the mains supply reduced to 65%.1989 - Glass and plastic bottle and caps are sourced solely from British suppliers. Thus, supporting the UK economy and reducing food miles.

2013 - The recycled glass bottle got 17% lighter weight still!

- Installed first phase of PV panels.

- The biomass boiler and the PV panels has enabled us to generate 28% or our own electricity.

2012 - New 40% recycled glass bottles are introduced.

- Carbon Neutral Biomass Boilers are installed to supply all hot water and heating. These are fuelled by using wood from the wood management programme on the farm, taking out dead wood and planting new trees. Thus, reducing the dependency on mains electricity.

- Promote cycle to work scheme.

2008 - Reducing packaging further by removing all cardboard trays.

2007- Switching to electronic communications, payments, invoices and statements, thus reducing the need for paper.2001

- The new watercoolers line enabled the factory to be more energy efficient. This line services the reusable watercooler bottles.

2005 - 99% of all waste packaging recycled. This was helped enormously by switching to reusable storage racks.

We look forward to continuing our journey of sustainability and promise to uphold our ethos to always put the environment first, as there is no Planet B!

Coming soon

2019 - Planting Miscanthus Rhizomes approx. 20 acres (Elephant Grass). This will provide renewable and sustainable energy for the Biomass boilers for the next 20 years.