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London Coffee Bags

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Convenience on the go... Rich, delicious coffee shouldn’t be difficult to find. That's why we are stocking the London Coffee Bag's. It's just like a teabag, but filled with our rich and expertly sourced coffee, ground to perfection just for you. Ideal at home or on the go, these innovative little bags are your very own filter coffee maker! The London Coffee Bag is the perfect for home, offices and on the go - providing a quality filter coffee made quickly and easierved either in your coffee cup or brewed in a coffee pot. All you need is a cup and hot water! London Coffee Bags x 100 Caffeinated100 Espresso London Coffee Bags The coffee beans are freshly ground into an individual biodegradable coffee bag which is then packed into its outer sachet. This process retains the coffee’s freshness for up to nine months. Coffee bags allow the consumer to brew a coffee to the strength they prefer, there is no wastage, no mess and no need for a coffee making machine and the associated maintenance costs. All you need is a cup and hot water! Model: Caffeinated Espresso 100's