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Novus Organic Jasmine Green Tea x 100 bags

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A highly fragrant and deliciously floral Green Tea. For centuries, making Jasmine tea has meant gathering fresh jasmine blossoms in the early morning, before they’ve bloomed. When evening comes and the blossoms open their heavily scented petals, they are either placed beside or mixed in with green tea leaves. After several hours, the dry leaves absorb the sweet aroma, and the entire process is repeated until the desired amount of aroma and flavor is absorbed. Novus Jasmine Tea is highly fragrant and deliciously floral. It’s made by gently scenting green tea leaves with fresh jasmine as they are drying. A highly fragrant and deliciously floral Green Tea. The Oldest known scented tea. Sourced from the Fujian Province of China Infusion and Taste Guide - Pour boiling water onto teas to start the infusion. - Infusion Time for Organic Jasmine is 3 Minutes - Taste - Light, Crisp and fragrant flavour - Colour - Amber / Yellow Packed in Zip Seal Bags of 100 pyramid bags Only 25 pence a bag!