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Filtered by Historic Limestone

Rural Shropshire is sparsely populated and frankly idyllic, it is “England’s green and pleasant land”! Add to that a touch of Shropshire weather and you have an unspoilt water source in use since 1086! Wenlock Spring has a unique heritage it is filtered through Silurian limestone. The Wenlock edge itself is a Site of Special Scientific interest due to the limestone, which was formed 443-416 million years ago. Be assured that we protecting this heritage and simply bottle the spring water from the ever- replenishing aquifer.

Wenlock Spring water has natural electrolytes

There’s much talk about electrolytes this year, especially for sporting activities. We can offer you naturally occurring electrolytes, we do NOT fortify our water. Electrolytes / minerals are conductors that are an essential part of the nervous system - their function is to relay messages from the brain to the organs of the body.

Wenlock Spring water has the following natural electrolytes:

  • Calcium
  • Chloride
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Selenium

A glass of Wenlock Spring can provide part of your daily requirements, but please refer to a the Nhs Choices and The Natural Hydration Council website for further information: www.nhs.uk/ www.naturalhydrationcouncil.org.uk/

Wenlock spring water pH

A healthy body has a natural pH of 7.4, studies show that liquids that have a similar pH are the most compatible, as the bodies buffer systems strive to keep your pH in a safe range.