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Plastic Policy

As you’ll no doubt be aware, the Plastic Economy is high on the agenda for the Government and Press. Water coolers are a real alternative to plastic PET bottles as the plastic used for water-cooler containers has up to a 10-year life span. We have a ‘return system’ which means that when you order a new bottle, we take away the empty one. The empty bottle is sanitised using water heated by our Bio Mass boilers. When it has reached the end of its lifespan we crush and return it to a recycling facility.


Similarly, our water cooler units are stripped at the end of their lifespan and the unit and coolant are recycled.


Plastic is part of the modern way of life, there will not be significant moves away from plastic production as a whole, but the UK is changing, and the next generation should not have to ‘clean-up’ our mess! At Wenlock Spring, we are constantly looking for innovations for our business so that we - reduce, reuse, recycle.