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Family owned

The Orme family have been bottling Wenlock Spring’s water since 1989 and are the proud custodians of a water that was recognised for its delicately sweet taste. In 2017, Wenlock Spring won a Gold for our Still water at the British Bottling Institute Awards. Water with the edge? We think so, we hope you agree.

Environment policy

At Wenlock Spring, we have an Environment policy which we are constantly striving to better:

  • 99% of waste on our site is recycled.
  • 46% of our energy on site comes from renewable energy sources.
  • We have the most efficient bottling plant available at the present time, and we will update when more efficient technology is available.
  • Our delivery vans are fitted with the latest European Standards engines that comply with emissions regulations.
  • Our delivery routes are carefully planned to reduce mileage and therefore emissions.
  • We purchase locally whenever we can to support local business and minimise impact.

Our consistent policy at Wenlock Spring is to – reduce, reuse and recycle.

Future policy

The future policy at Wenlock Spring is to reinvest and better our Green efficiency, Bruce Orme, Director says, “we love where we live, and we want to leave a legacy and ensure our children have the same passion for the Shropshire landscape as we have”.

With that in mind, we will:

  • Replace equipment when it is obsolete, with more and more energy efficient machinery.
  • Protect and reinvest in our land and the surrounding country side, which is in an ‘Area of outstanding natural beauty’.