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Wenlock Spring –The Double ‘A’ Team – May 2018

Wenlock Spring has upped their award-winning credentials yet again with a British Retail Consortium (BRC) AA accreditation, with the highest grade possible for announced audits in the recognised food safety and quality awards.

 The BRC’s Global Standard for Food Safety is developed by food industry experts and provides a framework for the management of food product safety, integrity, legality and quality. Businesses are assessed through rigorous audit across seven areas.

For premium water brand Wenlock Spring, this impressive accreditation symbolises their company ethos – and standards they strive to achieve. Passionate about where their water comes from and operating sustainably, the company prides itself on excellence in everything they do.  

Team work
‘AA’ was a goal that Wenlock Spring’s Quality Manager, Anna Lenartowska, set for herself when she joined the company last year. She knew their practices were at the best level possible – it was a case of implementing a stringent continuous improvement process. This involves regular reviews and ensures that both senior management and the whole team are committed to ensuring the highest standards are consistently being met across all areas of quality, safety and integrity.

Matthew Orme, Director of Wenlock Spring, commented: “We are delighted to have achieved this exceptionally high standard set by BRC. I am very proud of Anna and team for showcasing our best practices and ensuring that our customers have the highest possible confidence in our brand”.